Finishing the Rochdale, and into Huddersfield

It has been far too long since I last posted and a lot of water has passed under the bridges since then. to be more accurate passed through the locks!

Hebden Bridge is an eclectic, bohemian town with its own cinema, theatre, markets, pubs and cafes.

Sowerby Bridge sailed by with just a short stay but I did manage to take some snaps of the countries deepest lock at Tuel Lane. It’s so scary that you have to be helped through by the staff and volunteers.

Off the Rochdale and briefly onto the Calder and Hebble and the beautiful Salterhebble locks. Under the railway bridge on the left, sharp right a wiggle thorough the middle, sharp left and exit under the road on the right.

The Salterhebble Locks

And so we arrived in Huddersfield for the night. It looked a lot better in the cold light of morning.

reflecting on my stay in Huddersfield

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