Bank Holiday Nature

What a glorious weekend! It was certainly wonderful to be on the canals in such fantastic weather. The newborn ducklings thought so too, the water was awash with them. Not the first this year, but I must have seen nearly ten families out. This poor oak tree has also had some visitors, these are oak apples, or oak galls.


When I returned to Monica after visiting family I found some stowaways on the bows.

The boat had only been in the marina for three days, so I knew that they weren’t that old. It was also early in the season, so those responsible would be able to find a more suitable nest site and start again. But most importantly the eggs were cold, so I felt it reasonable to dispose of them and continue my journey.

Anderton Boat Lift


I am currently spending some time on the river Weaver before resuming my journey north to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. The river Weaver is a navigation canal (parts of the river have been dug as a canal to improve navigation) that mainly served the salt production in the area.


Built in 1875 to raise and lower boats to the nearby Trent and Mersey Canal it closed in 1983 due to rust. After refurbishment it reopened in 2002.

Screenshot 2019-04-11 at 11.21.46The gears at the top are original, but no longer raise and lower the boats as it is done hydraulically these days.

A New Crew Member

My work this winter has meant that I do not have to drive lorries any more to pay the yearly big bills. One bonus from this is that I can get a dog again. I had thought to get a terrier as their size was suitable for sharing the narrowboat with me. However I plumped for  what I knew and loved and recently added Jet to the boat.

Jet is a four month old black and white Springer Spaniel. She didn’t have the best start as she wasn’t socialised with humans and is a bit wary of them. However she is all spaniel out on walks and I am working on socialising her with people.

New Year’s Day Message

Well, with the new year nearly here I am pushing myself to make some changes next year. One of the things that I want to leave behind is Facebook. On the plus side it can keep me in touch with people and moving off will mean it is harder to keep in touch with people who I don’t see regularly. But I got by before Facebook so I guess I can get by now. On the minus side it has become apparent over the last year just how toxic a company Facebook is. As such I really don’t want it to be part of my life.

In order to keep the option of contact with my friends open I am going to try and keep this website up to date with what I am doing. It is still on the internet, true, but I have more control over it.

If you want to receive email updates please click on thelogo at the bottom right of the page. You will receive an email to confirm subscription and a link that will allow you change the frequency of emails or unsubscribe.

So, watch this space for more developments …

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all …